Forgetful Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

A model of an absentminded Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is shown to the spectators, and the magician talks about how Rudolph is extremely forgetful.


In fact, he's so forgetful; he forgets where he put his Christmas list and how to get things ready for his famous Christmas Eve ride. He is so forgetful that he once forgot where he left his nose! As the magician says this he takes the nose from the body and vanishes it in a Christmas decorated devil's handkerchief (provided with the effect). He then takes a red balloon, blows it up and places it where the nose was on the body.


Rudolph is very unhappy as the other reindeer call him names and make fun of him because of his balloon nose. The magician explains how Santa has a conversation with Forgetful Rudolph where he tells him how unhappy he is that he "lost his nose." Santa gets a promise from Rudolph that he will bring all the good little girls and boys something extra and try not forget things anymore, and he restores his nose with a few magic words. The balloon "magically" pops and Rudolph's nose is restored! This is a brilliant trick for children and grownups of all ages.


The effect is beautifully made and is about 15" high and 16" wide. It uses wing nuts and bolts to be easily taken apart and folded flat. It is silk-screened in 5 different, vibrant colors. The Christmas vanishing handkerchief can be used for other effects.

Only $170.00

Forgetful Frosty

Love Forgetful Freddie but need him for holiday shows? Meet his pal, Forgetful Frosty!

The performer displays a beautiful 16 inch tall replica of a snowman and tells the audience about the time as a youth that he built his best snowman ever. A bully came along and knocked Frosty’s head off with a snowball. (Frosty’s head is removed.) When a neighbor wrapped the head in newspaper and brought it into the house, guess what happened? Frosty’s head predictably melted. (The head is wrapped in an empty newspaper and vanishes turning into water, which is poured into an empty cup.)

A face is then drawn on a big white balloon and is attached to Frosty’s body to replace his head, but it’s just not the same. The performer asks the audience to clap their hands really fast making enough wind to freeze the water in the cup. When the cup is turned upside down above the balloon white snow (confetti) flutters down, the balloon pops, and Frosty’s head is back on his body once more.

This professional prop is a quality masterpiece, vibrantly colored lacquers and vinyl finish, and built to last! Comes complete with snowman, special gimmicks, confetti, balloons etc. Limited supply, order today!

Only $139.50

Letter to Santa

Just in time for all of your holiday shows. Letter To Santa has all the right stuff and it gives the audience the warm fuzzies to boot.

A special mailbox adapted for magical use is introduced. On one side the sign reads "North Pole" and on the other side it reads "S. Claus." You can tell the audience that Santa himself is letting you help him gather cards and letters. Open Santa's mailbox and remove a list or letters that you read to the audience. Then produce a rabbit OR other items from inside.

After the mailbox is shown empty you can produce a rabbit for the kids. The letters in the box could be the holiday bonuses that the boss wants handed out. First you produce a trophy for the best employee then hand out the bonus envelopes. Get the idea? You can use Letter To Santa any time of the year for presentations.

Private schools have awards programs too. You can tell the kids that Santa watches them all year long... so they better be good. Then produce the P.T.O.s awards from inside and pass them to the winners. Hey! Sometimes a customer wants you to produce a puppy at a birthday party. If he is the size of a rabbit, you're in business.

Start with one rabbit up front. Make it disappear then reproduce a second matching rabbit from inside. Tell them that Elves up to their old tricks. You can produce a spring rabbit then put it in your Duck Bucket and it magically turned into a real rabbit. Lots of presentations are possible.

Letter To Santa is made using a steel bodied mailbox. It also features:

Special vinyl graphics on both sides
The gimmick and interior of the box is flocked black, making a perfect Black Art illusion.
A wood base is added. Attach your own flange and mount everything directly to a table base instead of using an entire table.

This is just one of the many holiday-related products you can find for your holiday shows here at Hocus Pocus!

Only $135.00

Christmas Present Trick

A holiday-themed version of Ralph E. Powell's classic "ABC Stung!" trick.

The magician shows three jumbo cards, each with a different colored Christmas gift on it. He also shows two envelopes to the spectators. The gifts are placed in one of the envelopes, and when opened, the green gift has vanished. In the other envelope is card with a picture of Santa Claus, wrapping up a green gift! The envelope is shown empty.

The smart spectators immediately suspect trickery. The red and yellow gift cards are shown front and back. And when the Santa card is turned around, it shows a picture of a wreath and says "Merry Christmas!" The green gift has vanished completely.

Made from high quality, laminated cards, you receive everything you need to perform this trick immediately. An easy-to-do, interactive trick great for kid shows at Christmas time. Proudly made in the USA.

Only $34.95

Tel's Bells

What appears to be an ordinary-looking bell turns out to be one of the most hilarious comedy props you'll ever own! This is comedy magic that just cannot help but drive your audience nuts!

You show a handsome bell and ring it. You invite a spectator up and tell them to ring the bell every time you mention the magic words. You do, and they can't! It just won't work for them no matter how hard they try! Maddening! Of course, it works for you every time! You can even purchase three and perform a 3 Bell Monte.

Imported from Europe, hand-made, and very hard to find, supplied with it's own drawstring carry bag. The gimmick is self-contained in the bell itself!

Only $69.95

Forgetful Santa

A model of an absent minded Santa is shown to the spectators as the magician talks about a Santa who is very forgetful. He forgets where he put his Christmas list and how many toys he promised each good little child. He is so forgetful that he once forgot where he left his head.

As the magician says this, he takes the head from the body and vanishes it in a devil's napkin decorated like Christmas wrapping paper (provided with the effect). The magician then takes a balloon, blows it up, and places it where the head was on the body.

For an additional comic effect, a mouth, eyes, beard, hat, and nose are drawn on the balloon with a magic marker. The magician has a conversation with Forgetful Santa where he tells him how unhappy he is to have "lost his head." The magician gets a promise from Santa that he will bring all the good little girls and boys something extra and try not forget things anymore and he restores his head with a few magic words. The balloon "magically" pops and Santa's head is restored.

This is a brilliant trick for children and grown-ups of all ages. Vibrantly painted and made of durable, thick hardwoods, the Forgetful Santa stands a full 2 feet in height and comes complete with an extra head, Devil's Handkerchief, wooden base, sure-fire balloon-popping mechanism, and detailed instructions.!

Only $150.00

Ultimate Snowstorm Cannon

This will give your act a finale that will have them on their feet! Imagine standing center stage taking your bow. Your hands are empty and the show is over. Suddenly from the empty air above you a huge snowstorm appears and begins to fill the entire area above and around you. Now this really does look great and it is so easy to do. You won't want to do a show without the Ultimate Snowstorm Cannon.
Comes complete with one dozen snowstorms. This Co2-powered launcher uses the standard 12gram cartridge available from your local sporting goods store. Launches four plus times from one cartridge. Over 8000 flakes in the four complete snowstorms you send up each time. This is the ending your audience will always remember!

Only $79.95

Christmas Routines

From Harvey Raft and David Lew comes a book full of wonderful Christmas illusions!

Routines include:

  • Doves' Christmas House
  • The Scrooges' white house is magically transformed to a colored house.
  • Toys, Toys, Toys - There is a shortage of toys! Santa needs help from the magician.
  • Santa's Christmas Party
  • Games and magic at Santa's Christmas party.
  • Magic Christmas Ball - A Christmas ball produces a magical surprise.
  • Christmas Morning - Santa's visit and the magic of Christmas morning.


Only $9.95

Presents of Mind

From Samuel Patrick Smith comes this wonderful and amazing feat for holiday shows!

Display a set of jumbo cards, each with a different holiday picture (candy cane, Santa, snowman, candle, gifts, ornament, angel, etc.). Two spectators think of any picture. Really. ANY PICTURE! You roughly sketch the pictures you think they have mentally selected. Place your sketches on a stand, and when you reveal your drawings, you have correctly guessed the pictures they chose!

Note: Absolutely NO artistic skill is required! (Uses the same great principle as Samuel Patrick Smith's DEJA ZOO effect.) Wonderful artwork by Selina Frederick includes a card with a manger scene for use in church or other appropriate programs.

Complete set includes cards, card stand, marker, and detailed instructions.

Only $34.95

Santa's Color Changing Wreaths

Color, flash, and a fabulous, fantastic finale! Perfect for comedy, silent, kid, and family shows, this one will surely dazzle the most silent of audiences!

Performer brings out a black cloth bag with a hole in the center and shows it empty inside. Taking an 8" white feathered wreath, he flings it into the air, catches it, and places it inside the bag. Taking a yellow silk, he then threads it into the center of the bag. When the wreath is lifted out of the bag, it has miraculously changes to the yellow color of the silk (and the silk is pulled out from the hole, hanging onto the wreath)!

This is repeated with a blue and red silk, with two white wreaths changing to blue and red! But if that's not enough, the 3 different colored wreaths are gathered up and tossed into the air, and they visibly transform into a huge, 36" multi-colored red, blue, and yellow wreath! You have to see this to believe it! It looks stunning!

Santa's Color Changing Wreaths come complete with everything you need to perform this vibrant effect, including special black cloth bag, 3 white wreaths, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue wreath, the special large 36" multi-colored wreath,the red, yellow and blue silks and detailed instructions. A great show-stopping routine at a great price!

Only $19.95

The Real Meaning of Christmas
by Dock Haley

This is one of the best Christmas routines offered to the Gospel performer.
Four scarves are shown, each having a traditional Christmas symbol! The scarves are placed into a change bag and transformed into the "Real Meaning of Christmas", a scarf that shows the Nativity.
Doug Wathen of One Way Street wrote a beautiful routine which is included with this wonderful seasonal story. Instructions are written for use with a change bag (not included, but available thru Hocus Pocus), , however you can use a Dove Pan, a Crystal Silk Cylinder or any change device. This is excellent Christmas magic. John 3:16 tells the story that is strong here. Eternal life is the free gift of God. All we have to do is accept it just like accepting a Christmas present.
Includes five silks - approx. 12" X 12" each (14" X 14" for nativity) and instructions.

Only $32.00

Jumbo 36" Jesus Silk

From Duane Laflin comes this beautiful 36" silk in full vibrant color!

A great way to end a production trick with a spiritual lesson. Use it for a "blendo" type effect. Tell about the blind man being healed and change a vanishing cane into this big silk. There is much you can do with it! Top quality silk. Extra nice product!

Only $34.95

Mixed Up Santa

This classic Christmas effect drives the kids absolutely wild ever time! Every time Santa stuffs himself down the chimney, he comes out all mixed up. His head is where his feet are, his mid-section is where his head should be, and his shoes are where his belly should be! You get the picture. No matter how many times you drop him through the chimney, he comes out more mixed up than before. Finally, have all the kids scream "Merry Christmas," and Santa comes out perfect. Everyone has a great time while being absolutely stumped altogether! Put this Christmas classic into your upcoming holiday shows to come!

Only $45.00

Naughty or Nice

Finally, it's you, the magician, who decides who's been naughty or nice! Just in time for the Holiday Season, Johnny G brings you a terrific interlude that brings laughs and giggles to all kinds of audiences!
Amazingly, a lump of coal instantly transforms into a beautifully wrapped gift! Or, if you're feeling really warped, you can make the gift instantly transform into a lump of coal! You'll immediately find a teriffic routine if you've seen this year's holiday spectacular, The Santa Clause II, since its theme involves coal!
Naughty Or Nice comes complete with the specially self-contained gimmick and photo-detailed instructions and presentation.

Only $29.95

Santa's Chimney

This is a great Christmas trick that can also be used all year around. A beautiful red and white chimney stands on a green stand. The chimney measures about 11 inches high and is five inches square. There are many different effects that can be done with this versatile prop. This chimney can be used to produce a live dove or other small animal. It can be performed completely surrounded. Rubber fruits, silks, streamers can also be produced. Items can also be exchanged with this chimney. One of my favorite Christmas effects is to ask the kids in the audience, "Who would you like to see come down the chimney this Christmas?" Of course the kids will say, "Santa". You look in the chimney and show it to be completely empty. A red and white silk are placed into the chimney and with the wave of a magic wand a "Santa" silk is produced. This is a wonderful Holiday effect.

Only $80.00

36" Magic Rabbit Christmas Silk

WOW! What a deal on this spectacular 36 inch square Italian silk! This beautiful silk features a magic rabbit in a Santa Hat producing a Christmas Greeting from a top hat. Printed in bright Christmas colors, this eye-catching silk is certain to be a big hit in any act.

Only $19.95

Holiday Hat Bag

From the mind of Jim Jayes comes this "Five Hats in One" effect -- a marvelous trick for any children's show, no matter what the occasion! This "Hat for All Seasons" is perfect.


The performer displays a cloth bag, which looks somewhat like a purse or colorful hat. After turning the bag inside out it changes into a Pilgrims Hat! But that's just the beginning... Not being the hat the performer was looking for he turns it inside out again and it changes into a Santa Hat! The magician turns the hat inside out again and ends up with a Rabbit Hat complete with ears! The magician tries one last time and finally gets the Birthday Hat he was looking for the entire time!

Only $34.95

Insta-Snow Powder

This stuff is great! Pour a tiny amount of Inst-snow Powder in the bottom of any styrofoam cup, just add water, and instantly the water appears to freeze solid and grows over the top of the cup like a sno-cone! Toss the flakes into the audience and watch their reaction! This is a new twist on the old slush powder effect and gag. The uses and possibilities for this product are endless! Supplied in a large jar for dozens and dozens of performances, we guarantee you'll love this one.

Only $10.00

Santa & His Elves

If you've ever seen the famous sucker gag "Stung," you know the impact it can have on an audience. Santa & His Elves is such a trick and perfect for the holiday season!
Three cards are shown. On two of the cards are pictures of smiling elves. On the center card is a picture of Santa Claus. The three cards are then squared up and placed in an envelope. One elf is taken out, shown on both sides, and placed aside. The second elf is taken out, shown on both sides, and placed aside as well. After some suitable byplay, a third card is removed from the envelope. On one side is screened "Merry Christmas." When turned around, it reads "HO HO HO!" The envelope is shown completely empty!

Only $35.00

Santa Stuck in the Chimney (Deluxe)

This is by far the cutest Christmas children's effect about Santa Claus and about how he can't seem to get down the chimney in one piece. The props are made entirely out of wood and nicely decorated. The trick stands a full 17 1/2 inches high. Santa Claus is divided into three blocks each being 3 1/2 inches square by 1 1/2 wide. Whenever the performer places the "Santa" blocks into the chimney, they come out all mixed up. But the performer saves the day when he magically restores Santa even after he loses his head. There is a second routine with a miss-made Christmas tree so that even if you get invited back next, Christmas you can do an entirely different effect.

Only $85.00

Frosty the Snowman

Everyone knows of the favorite childhood Christmas story, "Frosty, the Snowman." Magician begins to tell the tale while showing an uncolored picture of Frosty. With a little magic and with the help of your audience singing "Frosty, the Snowman" the picture magically and visually colors itself! Perfect for your upcoming holiday shows, this comes complete with special wooden frame, Frosty picture insert, and complete routine with a great storyline! This is destined to become one of your holiday classics!

Only $34.95

Peppermint Stick Nesting Wands

If you're a childrens entertainer, this Christmas interlude is for you! The performer offers a peppermint wand to a child who is helping with one of the tricks. Taking the peppermint wand, the audience is surprised to see that the performer still has a wand in his hand! Requesting his helper to place one of the wands under his arm the magician offers the wand once again. Oh dear, it's multiplied again! Things are getting out of hand, or should we say, the child is running out of hands! The performer puts this wand under the child's chin as the audience are in fits of laughter, and this is repeated until five peppermint wands are positioned all over the child's body -- in his hands, under the chin, under his arms and between his knees (a total of 5 wands in all). So easy to perform, we guarantee laughs galore with the Peppermint Stick Nesting Wands!

Only $34.95

Santa's Magic Candy Shop

Santa's Magic Candy Shop will have your audience yelling for more! From the moment you bring out this brightly colored prop you'll have the attention of every kid in your holiday audience. Open the Candy Shop and show several Candy Canes in different colors all displayed in a neat line. Three of the Candy Canes are taken away...Maybe the Grinch stole them??? Anyway the three Candy Canes vanish and reappear back in Santa's Candy Shop. This one has it all color, action, lot's of audience participation and great story line. Don't wait add this holiday classic to your show today.

Only $79.95

Christmas Mouth Coils

No matter how many times you perform the mouth coils, it is always a sure hit with any audience! Now there is no reason NOT to perform it during your holiday shows with its new holiday color scheme! In brilliant Christmas colors, these mouth coils look just like the paper Garland Rings we all made as kids and hung on our Christmas trees! These 25 foot coils would also be an ideal production item to use with our Santa's Chimney or Christmas Stocking Change Bag!

Only $12.50

Santa's Suit

The holidays are almost upon us once more, and we feel this effect is well worth your consideration! The perfect Christmas show item -- Santa's Suit packs small but plays very big!

Santa is getting ready for his Christmas delivery and sends his suit off to the cleaners. Disaster! The cleaners lost it, leaving Santa in a real pickle. Fortunately, the children are ready to work the magic, so small red and white handkerchiefs are dropped into a bag and when the contents are removed, Santa is in stripes! The children try again, and this time everything turns out just fine-Santa has his suit back along with a bag full of toys over his shoulder!

Includes three 18" 100% Silk picture silks and two 9" red and white silks.

Only $44.95

Visible Santa

What a great item to add to your Holiday Shows. A black and white drawing of Santa Claus visibly changes into bright colors as it is removed from it's wooden frame! This one has it all and will certainly put a spark of holiday magic in your program. Comes complete with special wooden frame!

Only $55.00

Visible Christmas Tree

Another great item to dress up your Holiday Shows. A black and white drawing of a Christmas Tree visibly changes into bright colors as it is removed from it's wooden frame! This one has it all and will certainly put a spark of holiday magic in your program. Comes complete with special wooden frame!

Only $55.00

Santa Paper Hat Tear

This is a great item for any audience, children or adults. Tear up red and white tissue paper and transform them into a Santa Hat that you place on your audience assistant's head. Great comic effect that is always a hit. Easy to do 10 per package.

Only $12.00

Santa Costume Bag

Each year this is our best selling Holiday effect. This is a perfect routine to use with a kid from your audience. A small black bag is shown empty and a silk is placed inside. Say the magic words "Happy Holidays" and out of the bag comes a Santa Hat that is placed on the kid's head. Next, show the bag empty again and give it a shake. Wham!! it transforms into a Santa Jacket which you put on your amazed helper. This is a great effect that is easy to perform and really packs a punch. Well made and comes complete with clear visual instructions. Add this Holiday winner to your show now!

Only $35.00

Christmas Stocking Change Bag

Made exactly like a standard change bag, this beautiful velvet Christmas stocking attached to a solid wooden gimmicked handle will enable you to produce, vanish, or transpose items already in your show! Our "Merry Christmas" silk would be the perfect addition to this effect!

Only $39.95

Magic Christmas Stocking

This beautiful velvet stocking is very cleverly designed to be a change bag. Imagine placing a letter to Santa inside and then changing it into the items listed. Show the stocking empty and produce Candy Canes for you audience etc. No matter how you use it your audience will love it.

Only $15.00

Snow Animator III by Kevin James

Hocus Pocus in conjunction with Kevin James' Imagination Unlimited is proud to present The Snow Animator III!

The Snow Animator III is the latest evolution of the Snow Animator series. Imagine all the power and upgraded components of the Snow Animator II without all the baggage!

Kevin has taken all of the improvements and put them into a 1 foot square box and decorated it like a Christmas present with a big bow on top. Simply place the present down on any chair towards the front of the stage, take the lid off the box and work out of it from there; everything you'll need for this effect is now all self-contained and in the box.

The performer talks of giving the gift of snow to a little girl one Christmas, and as he does so, he tears a paper snowflake from a paper napkin. Placing it into a glass of water, the performer swirls the paper snowflake around and scoops it out with a straw. As the melodic music crescendos, he squeezes out the water from the wet snowflake. Seconds later, a big and beautiful snowstorm is shooting out of his hands!

This reputaion-maker is now more practical and affordable than ever. Packing is a cinch as well; you don't have to travel with a stool, everything is all in a one foot square box, it is completely and totally self-contained, and extremely practical for any performer! Simply place it on any chair and go. You can decorate it as a birthday present or just a mysterious black box with a question mark on it, or even mount it into a table. Sit or stand! The box could even be placed on the floor and you can sit on a chair just behind the box and still perform it sitting down.

Debuted at a recent magicians' convention, the Snow Animator III got a standing ovation! Comes complete with gift box and snow animator gimmick built in, battery and battery charger, delay timer, snowloads, custom carrying case built by Encore Cases, and thorough instructional video that even includes bonus routine ideas AND instructions on how to make your own snow! WOW! Think how much money you'll save on snow loads alone!

Be original and leave an everlasting effect on your audience with Kevin James' brand new Snow Animator III!

To view a Real Media clip of Kevin James' Snow Animator III, click HERE!


Only $1175.00


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